Bringing storytelling to clarksville. 

There is nothing that compares to a child's laughter as they run through weeds, their first breath seconds after delivery, those moments when time stands still, the moments you wish would stand still forever. These make up your story, your unique and beautiful perspective of the world, told through eyes that are trained to see the tiniest of moments and document them forever. 


Stroll through the pages below to find out more about me, about my work and art, about lifestyle photography, and how to book. 


Let's create an unforgettable experience. Together.


I'm so glad you could make it over here to my little corner of the world. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're interested in learning more about the woman behind the camera to see if you'll connect well before you book her. Or you're just really nosy. Either way, I'm glad you're here.

I'm Victoria, mother to two kiddos, six year old (not so) Tiny Dictator and two year old Little Minion. They are by far my greatest accomplishments in life, and I adore them to the sun and back. I am married to my husband of eight years. Together we form a fine little family and have many grand adventures, that may or may not mostly take place in books or the Xbox. 



I've been officially calling myself a photographer since 2011, but only recently have devoted my talent and art to documenting "real", the things we all too often shove aside out of embarrassment or because we don't notice them, such as the shoes currently sitting in front of our closet instead of inside. I'm a slight bit obsessed with the details of everyday actualities, and whole heartedly believe that even the most mundane days can be made into fun filled memories with just a bit of magic and play.

There are so many facets of birth, too long to get into here, that remind me of God's unending grace, love, and the power of miracles in our lives. Children are miracles themselves, even on the grumpiest of days, and delving into their playful minds brings a childlike faith out. 

Your story is as vivacious, bold, brave, and beautiful as you are.

Your life isn't picture perfect, and it doesn't have to be. Not all art is as clear cut as it's represented to be, and it shouldn't be. Art should   be a reflection of you, your soul, your life. When you hang art in your home, you want it to have meaning, something that when you walk by sends you down a path of remembering, reminiscing of days gone by, of happy times, and of times that made you stronger, the person you are today.


Why would portraits of your family be any different?

Lifestyle photo sessions seek to find and document the "you" in your life. When I photograph your family, your birth, your newborn, your life as a mother, there will be so much more than looking at a camera and smiling. Your session will be filled with little moments, brief flashes that seem so normal to you, but behind the lens, tell a much greater part of your story than you realize. The way your son sits on the stairs to tie his shoes, sink baths for the newborn, a gentle caress, each of these things means so much more to to the person living them than you realize. 


When you think of your yearly portraits, think of how you want them displayed in your home. Think of what you want to remember, the moments that make your life extraordinary. These are the artwork you will cherish in your home. 

Let's work together to create art worthy of your story. Book your session now.

I would love to work with you, to document the magic and beauty of your everyday. I've found it in my own days, every day, from the piles of laundry to last night's dishes in the sink. It's there among the still drying watercolors from the five year old and the missing shoe of the two year old. I would love to document the magic and beauty of your everyday as well. Head on over to the blog, to read the most current stories of others, just like you, who trusted me to document their stories, or, if I've convinced you enough already, send me an email. I'll be chatting with you soon.